Yoga notes

None of the local yoga studios near the hotel here in Mumbai seemed open today, so instead, a co-worker and I asked the concierge and voila, a private yoga lesson for the two of us from Subhash. Writing down what I learned today for posterity.


  • Left leg under. Right leg on top.
  • Unlocking hips
    • Butterfly. Flap knees.
    • Butterfly with one leg extended. Flap knee. Make circles with knee both clockwise and counter clockwise.

Breathing exercises

Always with head looking up unless otherwise stated. One minute per exercise. Always breathe through the nose unless otherwise stated.

  • Hands on chest. In on 1,2,3. Out on 5,6. ~36x / minute.
  • Hands on stomach. In on 1,2,3. Out on 5,6. ~36x / minute.
  • Hands holding big toes. In on 1,2,3. Out on 5,6. ~36x / minute.
  • “Happy birthday”. Breathe in sharply 3 times. Chin to chest, breathe out sharply through the mouth.
  • “Square”. Inhale for 5 seconds. Hold for 5 seconds. Exhale for 5 seconds. Hold for 5 seconds.
  • Inhale. Pinch nose with left hand. Right hand on top of head. Chin down. Swallow 5 times. Release nose. Exhale. Head up. Release head.

Lying down

Feet together, arms to side of body, then relax.

  • Sit-ups. Breathe in going back, with arms all the way above your head. Breathe out coming forward. Go all the way back and forward each time.
  • Hold both feet up at a 45 degree angle. Do the same thing with just one foot. Then the other foot.
  • With feet together, make big circles with the legs.
  • Bicycle, forward and backward.


Names may not be quite right.

  • Stone: Kneel. Barely cross feet so one foot is lying on the other. Sit.
  • Mill: Sitting. Legs out straight and apart in a V. Interlink fingers, reverse hand position as if cracking knuckles. Make a circle with your interlinked hands attempting to touch the right, then the left foot, then back. Then go the other way.
  • Row: Sitting. Legs out straight in front of you. Put together hands as if rowing a scull. Row forward and back while keeping arms straight. Use stomach muscles, not arms.


  • Pronounce as if it starts with a silent “H” like “Hom” so that it comes from the belly.
  • Mouth closed, but teeth apart
  • Loud!
  • At least 3 times

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