Windows Script: iTunes: Rate Current Track

This is a script that for iTunes for Windows that will programmatically rate the current track. You can bind it to a shortcut and set a Shortcut Key such as Ctrl+Alt+1. You need to pass in the number of half stars (yes, iTunes supports ½ stars).


Download iTunesRateCurrentTrack.vbs. If you have problems with the .vbs file, download and rename iTunesRateCurrentTrack.txt (right-click, save-as).


  • Comments, suggestions, corrections are welcome.
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#####    iTunes Rate Current Track Script    #####

iTunesRateCurrentTrack rating [-q]
	rating	Number of 1/2 stars.
		Valid values: Integers from 1 to 10 inclusive. 
	-q	Quiet mode.
		Don't display any non-usage error messages.

	iTunesRateCurrentTrack 1
	iTunesRateCurrentTrack 7 -q

8 thoughts on “Windows Script: iTunes: Rate Current Track”

  1. On the mac, at least, iTunes supports 1-100 ratings, and each star is actually 20. There’s just no interface to let you set 23 point ratings.

  2. Anonymous: Yep. It’s the same on Windows. After some experimenting I’ve determined that the interface will display 1/2 stars, but not other fractions.

  3. On Windows are there are any apps like Synergy or Sizzling Keys ( OS X ) that assign universal hotkeys to rate the currently playing song. I’ve used synergy for years for this.

  4. Paul: Oddly, I didn’t find either of those when I searched (have I mentioned I suck at Google searches?) I found iTunesKeys but found it was buggy. The benefit of the scripting solution is that it doesn’t require any 3rd party apps.

  5. See and I would say that the benefit of third-party apps is that don’t require me to write any scripts. :)

    I have actually written/adapted Applescripts that do auto-rating of songs in iTunes based on whether you let a song play through or skip it. That’s my preferred method of using ratings as then songs float up and down on their won based on how often I let them play. Unfortunately the latest versions of iTunes have broken the scripts and I haven’t gotten around to fixing them.

    Oh and to find OS X apps try or rather than Google.

  6. Paul: I can’t do the auto-rating of songs for 2 reasons:
    * At work, I frequently forget to pause iTunes when I go to meetings.
    * At home, I frequently need to skip over songs that the rest of the family doesn’t like.

    Besides… I like writing random pieces of code… it’s fun. Thank you for the pointer to the OSX apps sites.

  7. Hi (1st – exactly what i have been looking for, so thanks!)
    But, I have never used a .vbs script before; what exactly do I have to do?
    (Feel free to explain as if you were explaining this to someone’s gran!)

  8. I know this is a really old post, but just wanted to tell you that you made my day. I have an old MIcrosoft wireless Desktop Elite Keyboard which has a set of keys in the upper right corner numbered 1-5 and using this script they work perfectly for rating songs in iTunes (I never used the dumb things for anything else)

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