Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000: Disabling The Windows Live™ Call Button

Executive Summary

Rename IcePick.exe to IcePick.ex_. If you came here through a search engine and this was useful, kindly leave a comment. Also, various commenters have additional advice if the specific fix didn’t work.

Long Winded Explanation

We got a Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 for Christmas so we could beam images of Alex to friends and relatives in far flung places. It’s a pretty good web cam, but it has one very annoying design issue (which, bless their souls, Microsoft obviously touts as a ‘feature’). It has a “Windows Live™ Call Button. This button, which takes up most of the top of the web cam, launches Windows Live™ Messenger’s Live Call feature. If you don’t have Windows Live™ Messenger installed, it dutifully pops up a message box asking you if you want to install the software. Click on the image for a full sized version.

Microsoft LifeCam:: The Windows Live Call button only works with Windows Live Messenger 8.0 or later. Do you want to install Windows Live Messenger now? Yes/No

This message box pops up every single time you hit the button. There is no “don’t ask me again” check box, or option to turn the prompt off.

The problem is, the button takes up over 1/3 of the top of the webcam. If you try and adjust the camera to better frame what it sees, unless you are very careful, you are going to press the darn button. It’s downright maddening.

I searched the web, found one or two other complaints about this issue, but no solutions. I emailed Microsoft technical support about the issue, and I got a nice, polite, and completely wrong answer. After a bit of sleuthing on my own, the solution seems to be quite easy. It doesn’t even require messing with the registry as I originally thought it would.

To disable the Windows Live™ Call Button on the Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000, simply rename IcePick.exe, found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft LifeCam\ (or wherever you installed the LifeCam drivers) to IcePick.ex_.

If you came here through a search engine and this was useful, kindly leave a comment. Also, various commenters have additional advice if the specific fix didn’t work.

245 thoughts on “Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000: Disabling The Windows Live™ Call Button”

  1. Yes this was an issue from Day 1. And I did not want to install Windows Live anything. This camera no longer works with Windows 8.xx or future ones. Also it does work great with Linux, but not sure of the sound (microphone built in) with Linux. Also you have to follow the stupid steo to ONLY plug it in when you install the Lifecam 3.22 software. If you plug it in before, you need to go to device manager and remove Unknoiwn Device in there, and then uninstall, and reinstall the Lifecam software, and then plug it in when it asks and it installs the driver just fine.

  2. I renamed iceres.dll to iceres.dll.x to fix mine. There is no IcePick.exe. Running Win7pro.

  3. This just started popping up on mine and renaming LCbuddy.exe to LCbuddy_old.exe worked for me. Rebuilt Windows 7 x64. Just as an FYI, the files are located under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft LifeCam” although on an x64 PC there is also a “C:\Program Files\Microsoft LifeCam” folder, the applicable files are not located there.

  4. Thanks Mate.
    Just changed lcbuddy and got rid of that “ANNOYING THING”
    Cheers, Trevor

    1. GREAT! Your advice helped me to get rid of this annoying message with my Ms LifeCam VX-1000. Thanks a lot!

  5. Thank you brave man!
    You solve my problem right here in Porto Alegre City, South Brasil, the storm riders gaucho’s land!

  6. Thanks it worked for me, renamed that file and no more pop ups for win live messenger. Used to appear in short period ( less than 1 min ), 5 mints have passed and no pop up!
    Also a lot later version of cam, but works! Thanks again!!!

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