This was by no means the first time he had been on ground once sacred to some great religion. He had seen Notre Dame, Hagia Sophia, Stonehenge, the Parthenon, Karnak, Saint Paul’s, and at least a dozen other major temples and mosques.

– Arthur C. Clarke, The Fountains of Paradise

Realizing I’ve visited all of those makes me appreciate life.


A coworker suggested we do a 30-day ab challenge together.  I learned a number of things:

  • It’s amazing what one can do when one puts one’s mind to things. I actually was able to finish the challenge.
  • Don’t agree to an exercise challenge from someone 15 years younger than you are. I was cursing my coworker daily for weeks. Yes, even on the rest days.
  • Agree to the consequences of success or failure up front.
  • I cannot easily detect someone (or at least this co-worker) lying to me by omission over chat (10 days undetected). I can very easily detect lying by omission in person (~1 minute to detection). In other words, it took me 10 days to realize that said coworker had given up.

30-day Ab ChallengeAnd yes… my abs look like hers… you just can’t see it as easily under my beer belly.


I think I’m at the point where the worst thing that can happen is that I fail. That’s OK.

Before that it was “be dismally unprepared and make a fool of myself”.

— Me, learning.

When Industry + Technology = Awesome

I tried Uber for the first time while I was in Boston. I look at the world as many geeks tend to… we wonder or wish that technology could be better applied to everyday life. Uber does exactly that.

  • Register a credit card. No cash changes hands.
  • Before your ride, you can see where cars in your area are and get an estimate as to how long it’ll take for the cars to get there.
  • You get a text when your car is a minute away.
  • The driver has a smart phone, and therefore a GPS, and unlike normal taxi drivers, is not afraid to use it.
  • Receipt is delivered in email.
  • You can rate your driver / see your driver’s rating.
  • Get a fare estimate online.
  • … and I’m sure there are a bunch more if I actually bothered reading their web site.

Really, if taxi companies want to compete with these kinds of car services, they should use technology instead of the courts.